The Meta City, Remote Work, & the Strategic Project Manager

This post provides an overview of the “Meta City” phenomenon – a fascinating evolution of society and geography. It then provides examples of three large organizations and how they are moving in new directions strategically and operationally, in line with Meta Cities. Finally, the post discusses several impacts to consider in the practices of strategy … Read more

Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville, and Strategic PM

On Saturday this Labor Day Weekend, I heard the sad news that the iconic performer Jimmy Buffett died. How ironic it was for this to happen just before Labor Day weekend in the US – when so many people, like myself, could be immersed in holiday weekend fun and relaxation – and listening to tributes … Read more

The Basics: Artificial Intelligence for Strategic PM’s

This post makes an initial attempt to describe what Artificial Intelligence is, where it might apply in the world, and the impacts to organizational strategy and project management. It follows up this initial attempt with actual Artificial Intelligence responses from ChatGPT. The Basics: Artificial Intelligence – What Is (AI)? At its core, Artificial Intelligence, commonly … Read more

Pareto Principle Examples, Twitter, & Strategic PM

This post reviews the Pareto Principle – definition, examples, strategic implications, and application to project management. Then it probes how the principle may be at play in the immediate moves by Elon Musk after his takeover of Twitter. Review of Pareto Principle Definition The Pareto Principle, or 80:20 rule, is a rather simple but profound … Read more

The ‘People Planet Profit Model’ and the Strategic PM

The ‘People Planet Profit model’ (PPP), also known as the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) model, has become a hot topic in recent years. This post explores PPP/TBL and what it means for strategic project managers. What Is the ‘People Planet Profit Model’? The People Planet Profit Model outlines three core facets of sustainability for businesses. … Read more

The Low Code No Code Strategy

Low Code No Code, otherwise known as Citizen Development, is a growing development that is closely associated with the project management discipline. In fact, it is very project centric, and also has important strategic implications. This post explores what low code no code Citizen Development is, and it’s impact on strategy and the practice of … Read more

Using Hassle Maps for Strategy and Project Management

Hassle Maps are a great strategic tool for managing and optimizing relationships customers and stakeholders. They have helped to transform businesses, especially when confronted with change, and have the potential to transform organizations and customer relationships of all types. This post examines what Hassle Maps are, their usefulness, examples, and the application of Hassle Maps … Read more

What Are the Benefits and Importance of Mass Customization?

When mass production rose in the early 1900s with the Model T Ford, the saying went, “You can have any color you want…as long as it’s black!” Mass production grew in importance, but advances in technology have enabled more flexibility and a more modern twist on the theme: Mass Customization. This post explores what Mass … Read more

Strategy, PM, and the Low Code No Code Opportunity

“Low code no code” refers to digitization through more efficient means – through “citizen development”. It is a growing trend that shows potential for growing and evolving over the next decade and beyond. This article explores some things that are happening in this growth area, why it exists, and implications for strategy and project management. … Read more

Importance of Focus in Strategy and Project Management

In many ways, strategy and project management are very simple. It really comes down to just a few basic principles. One of them is focus – what is sometimes thought of as the 80:20 rule, or doing the 20% of things that bring 80% of the results. The 80:20 rule works, whether in our personal … Read more