The ‘People Planet Profit Model’ and the Strategic PM

The ‘People Planet Profit model’ (PPP), also known as the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) model, has become a hot topic in recent years. This post explores PPP/TBL and what it means for strategic project managers. What Is the ‘People Planet Profit Model’? The People Planet Profit Model outlines three core facets of sustainability for businesses. … Read more

Project Management, Product Management, and Strategy

What is the difference between project and product management? This post explores the similarities and differences between the two, the competencies required, building teams for each, the comparative life cycles, and strategic impacts. It also explores how program management interacts with both. Project and Product Management Functions There are many similarities – but also many … Read more

A Personal Parallel to Strategic Project Management

Personal mindset is very much at the core of becoming a strategic thinker and project manager. This post explores personal aspects such as our actions, our ambitions, and our aspirations – and how they map to various aspects of project management and strategy. What Our Actions, Ambitions, and Aspirations Tell Us Someone famously said one … Read more

The PMO Skillset, the House of PMO, and Strategic PM

Project management methodology involves following processes and a framework as an aid to executing successful projects. PMO’s institutionalize those processes and frameworks across all projects within an organization or domain. Are project management and PMO skillsets different? The PMO Skillset PMO’s – PMO is the acronym for Project Management Organization (or Office), or Program Management … Read more

An Agile Scrum Process Diagram for Strategic PM

This post outlines the essentials of the agile scrum process. It then delves a little deeper into the most important element of the process – the sprint. It then looks at implications of the agile scrum process for project management and strategy. A Basic Agile Scrum Process Diagram The diagram above provides a basic structure … Read more

Agile Manifesto Four Values and Strategic Project Management

Agile Manifesto Four Values

The Agile Manifesto provides four values and twelve principles as foundational to an agile mindset. This post focuses on the four values, and their impacts on project management and strategic thinking. Value 1: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools People are our most precious resource, and in the end will be the reason for … Read more

Organizational Project Management Is a Strategic Capability

The only thing for certain is change. When investing in a project execution infrastructure, it is important to build that capability to support change. The capability itself needs to be adaptable and can be tailored. This post looks at what Organizational Project Management is, and how it can become a strategic capability for the right … Read more

What’s Needed in an Organizational Change Management Model?

This post looks at how you can leverage what you need from 10 different organizational change management models to effect change. The Change Life Cycle Framework is covered for the first time among of these frameworks in this blog. It imports pieces from the other models and provides a framework for building a strategic agility … Read more

Nudge Theory and Cognitive Bias for Change Management

‘Nudging’ is a technique that can drastically improve results. This post bridges the gap between the theory and practice. It looks at what Nudge Theory and Cognitive Bias are, and how you can leverage them for better performance in strategy and project management. What Is Nudge Theory? ‘Nudging’ has been around for a long time … Read more

Maurer 3 Levels of Resistance & Strategic Project Management

Rick Mauer has developed a simple and common sense framework for dealing with resistance to change. It is profound in its simplicity – and can really make an impact on how you manage resistance through the change process. This post outlines what the 3 levels of resistance are, how you can approach people at each … Read more