Strategic Project Management and the Agile Crystal Method

The agile Crystal methodology provides a unique flavor to the general agile approach to managing projects. This post defines what the agile Crystal method is, key aspects of the mindset behind the Crystal approach, strategic consideration, and impacts for project managers. What Is the Agile Crystal Method? Crystal was introduced by Alistair Cockburn at IBM … Read more

Pareto Principle Examples, Twitter, & Strategic PM

This post reviews the Pareto Principle – definition, examples, strategic implications, and application to project management. Then it probes how the principle may be at play in the immediate moves by Elon Musk after his takeover of Twitter. Review of Pareto Principle Definition The Pareto Principle, or 80:20 rule, is a rather simple but profound … Read more

A Minimum Viable Product Template for Strategic PM’s

This post explores the topic of Minimum Viable Product as a technique to learn rapidly and inexpensively about what customers want in the face of uncertainty. It looks at examples of Minimum Viable Products and their impact on strategy and project management. What Is a Minimum Viable Product? The illustration at right, by Henrik Kniberg, … Read more

The Extreme Programming Life Cycle and Strategic PM

This post examines the agile method called Extreme Programming (XP). XP is uniquely designed to streamline the software development process – but it can be leveraged and used in other pursuits! This post looks at the XP life cycle, core values, team roles, and core practices, then turns to application for strategy and project management. … Read more

A Different Agile Methods List for Strategic PM’s

Agile is a broad term, and there are many ways to look at it. From a strategic project management perspective, this post examines some key agile methods and there impact of strategy and project management. An Agile Methods List Overview To provide an initial taste of agile methods, consider the following list: Scrum – Scrum … Read more

Lean Agile Project Management for the Strategic PM

Agile and lean are not the same thing but are closely related. This post looks at the idea of ‘lean agile’ and its application to project management and strategy. What Is Lean Agile Project Management? To understand what lean agile project management is, it is helpful to compare it to other approaches to project management. … Read more

Kanban Project Methodology for Strategic Project Managers

Kanban is a great approach for visualizing progress in initiatives involving rapid change. It also provides a foundation for continuous process improvement by executing teams. This post provides an overview of Kanban, the key elements of Kanban boards, and the impact and usefulness of Kanban to strategy and project management. What Is the Kanban Project … Read more

French and Raven’s Sources of Power for Strategic PM’s

There are two types of power that professionals can have: positional and personal. French and Raven have outlined 6 sources of power that can provide you with positional power, personal power, or a combination. This post examines those sources of power and how to tap into them to enhance your effectiveness as a strategic project … Read more

The ‘People Planet Profit Model’ and the Strategic PM

The ‘People Planet Profit model’ (PPP), also known as the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) model, has become a hot topic in recent years. This post explores PPP/TBL and what it means for strategic project managers. What Is the ‘People Planet Profit Model’? The People Planet Profit Model outlines three core facets of sustainability for businesses. … Read more

Project Management, Product Management, and Strategy

What is the difference between project and product management? This post explores the similarities and differences between the two, the competencies required, building teams for each, the comparative life cycles, and strategic impacts. It also explores how program management interacts with both. Project and Product Management Functions There are many similarities – but also many … Read more