Job Burnout Causes & a Need for Challenge for Strategic PMs

This post provides some insights into a difficult topic: job and career burnout. It looks first at what the typical causes of job burnout are. Then it focuses on one unique cause of burnout – lack of challenge. Finally, it looks at implications – approaches and actions – for strategy and project management for this … Read more

Skills Of A CEO – Within Reach Of A Strategic PM?

Some PM’s aspire to a CEO position. This post digs into this ambitious career objective, the required skills and attributes, strategy and project management as steppingstones to the CEO role, and attractive alternative career objectives. CEO – Is It a Good Career Objective? The answer is, “It depends.” Every person is different, and each person … Read more

Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville, and Strategic PM

On Saturday this Labor Day Weekend, I heard the sad news that the iconic performer Jimmy Buffett died. How ironic it was for this to happen just before Labor Day weekend in the US – when so many people, like myself, could be immersed in holiday weekend fun and relaxation – and listening to tributes … Read more

The Basics: Artificial Intelligence for Strategic PM’s

This post makes an initial attempt to describe what Artificial Intelligence is, where it might apply in the world, and the impacts to organizational strategy and project management. It follows up this initial attempt with actual Artificial Intelligence responses from ChatGPT. The Basics: Artificial Intelligence – What Is (AI)? At its core, Artificial Intelligence, commonly … Read more

A Leadership Paradigm Shift for Strategic PM’s

Leadership is complicated. There are many tools and techniques out here – and yet we often default to using an approach that maps to what motivates and inspires us – but not necessarily others. This post reviews several common approaches to inspiring and motivating others. It then explores a simpler and more versatile approach that … Read more

Follow Your Blisters, Not Your Passion, in 2023!

What really motivates us? This post looked at our motivations – what we find important and purposeful. It questions the idea of ‘following your passion” and offers another alternative approach that is no less fulfilling. Finally, it looks at how this approach applies to strategy and project management. The Problem With Following Your Passion The … Read more

Pareto Principle Examples, Twitter, & Strategic PM

This post reviews the Pareto Principle – definition, examples, strategic implications, and application to project management. Then it probes how the principle may be at play in the immediate moves by Elon Musk after his takeover of Twitter. Review of Pareto Principle Definition The Pareto Principle, or 80:20 rule, is a rather simple but profound … Read more

Project Management, Product Management, and Strategy

What is the difference between project and product management? This post explores the similarities and differences between the two, the competencies required, building teams for each, the comparative life cycles, and strategic impacts. It also explores how program management interacts with both. Project and Product Management Functions There are many similarities – but also many … Read more

A Personal Parallel to Strategic Project Management

Personal mindset is very much at the core of becoming a strategic thinker and project manager. This post explores personal aspects such as our actions, our ambitions, and our aspirations – and how they map to various aspects of project management and strategy. What Our Actions, Ambitions, and Aspirations Tell Us Someone famously said one … Read more