Strategy and a Business Case Plan Template For Your Projects

This post explores the nuances of writing a business case. It dives into the elements of a business case: identifying a problem or opportunity analyzing ways to solve the problem or seize the opportunity choosing the best option (or choosing to walk away) developing an implementation approach It proves a solid template and associated resources … Read more

Strategy, How to Write a Project Charter, and ChatGPT

This post looks at the major elements of the Project Charter and how they link back to strategy.  It focuses on how to write a Project Charter – and then asks ChatGPT what it would include in a Project Charter! How to Write a Project Charter The Project Charter is often the first document that … Read more

An 80:20 Strategic Work Breakdown Structure Definition

This post explains how a Work Breakdown Structure can connect implementation to strategy. It can give deeper meaning to tasks at the individual level, and help align priorities to strategic objectives. At the core is purpose – for the organization, the project, and individual. A Strategic Work Breakdown Structure – from Objectives to Personal Tasks … Read more

The Basics: Artificial Intelligence for Strategic PM’s

This post makes an initial attempt to describe what Artificial Intelligence is, where it might apply in the world, and the impacts to organizational strategy and project management. It follows up this initial attempt with actual Artificial Intelligence responses from ChatGPT. The Basics: Artificial Intelligence – What Is (AI)? At its core, Artificial Intelligence, commonly … Read more

A Leadership Paradigm Shift for Strategic PM’s

Leadership is complicated. There are many tools and techniques out here – and yet we often default to using an approach that maps to what motivates and inspires us – but not necessarily others. This post reviews several common approaches to inspiring and motivating others. It then explores a simpler and more versatile approach that … Read more

Organizational Change Process Steps and Your Projects

When starting a new project, or new to a role in the organization, you are part of a change. So how can you add more certainty in this change that you are part of? This post explores a change process that can help, regardless of your role. It looks at the various organization situations, how … Read more

Four Phase Job Transition Plan for First 90 Days Plus

This post examines the predictability of what will happen – at least stages you’ll go through – in times of personal and leadership career transition. It describes four stages, and details of what happens during those stages Regardless of your position in the hierarchy of the organization, this provides context that is helpful for both … Read more

Follow Your Blisters, Not Your Passion, in 2023!

What really motivates us? This post looked at our motivations – what we find important and purposeful. It questions the idea of ‘following your passion” and offers another alternative approach that is no less fulfilling. Finally, it looks at how this approach applies to strategy and project management. The Problem With Following Your Passion The … Read more

Anticipate Conversations: Your Stakeholder Management Map

Stakeholder management is an important topic for project managers executives alike. This post identifies several ways handling stakeholder relationships. It emphasizes an “introspective” approach, with up-front planning for engagement with various levels of stakeholders throughout an initiative’s life cycle. It also looks at stakeholder management from the point of view of the strategy and project … Read more