A Digital Business Value Chain Model for Strategic PMs

This post looks at building digital business value chains, and how they are a natural extension of traditional, low-tech value chains.  It explores the impact to strategy, and links to several relevant strategy models and frameworks for analyzing digital opportunities and approaches.  Finally, it looks at what it takes to implement digital value chains on … Read more

Digital Transformation Strategy Framework for Strategic PM’s

This post looks at the opportunities and challenges of digital technology transformation – and delves into HOW to do it. It looks at the whole picture – all elements required for a successful change transformation – which boils down to a more cultural and human set of obstacles than technology hurdles. What Is Digital Transformation? … Read more

Organizational Change Process Steps and Your Projects

When starting a new project, or new to a role in the organization, you are part of a change. So how can you add more certainty in this change that you are part of? This post explores a change process that can help, regardless of your role. It looks at the various organization situations, how … Read more

The STaRS Transition Model for Organization and Career

The STaRS transition model is a strategic and implementation framework that can provide great guidance for you when you are starting in a new role. It applies to a transitioning business manager, program manager, or project manager. This post looks at how change plays a role in any transitional situation. It provides a lens through … Read more

Resource Based View Examples for the Strategic PM

This post introduces the Resource Based View strategic framework and provides examples of using it. It provides an outline or process for applying the framework in practice. It identifies the strengths and shortcomings of RBV as a strategic framework and how to overcome those. Finally, it lays out a road map for leveraging RBV using … Read more

A Minimum Viable Product Template for Strategic PM’s

This post explores the topic of Minimum Viable Product as a technique to learn rapidly and inexpensively about what customers want in the face of uncertainty. It looks at examples of Minimum Viable Products and their impact on strategy and project management. What Is a Minimum Viable Product? The illustration at right, by Henrik Kniberg, … Read more

PM, Strategy, and Key Resources – Business Model Canvas

Key Resources encompass people as well as other important assets that are needed in order to execute a business model. As with managing projects, without Key Resources, nothing will happen! This post provides an overview of the Key Resources block on the business model canvas, provides related considerations for organizational strategy, and outlines the impact … Read more

Revenue Streams: Business Model Canvas – Strategic PM View

Revenue Streams tie together the value creation elements of the business model canvas. This post explores different types of Revenue Streams and mechanisms for generating them. It also explores the financial, strategic, and project management perspectives on Revenue Streams. Basics of Revenue Streams – Business Model Canvas ‘Revenue Streams’ is the fifth block in the … Read more

Customer Relationships in the Business Model Canvas

‘Customer Relationships’ is the fourth block in the business model canvas. Thinking through the Customer Relationships portion of the business model provides an opportunity to make choices that optimize capabilities for acquiring, retaining, and growing customers. This post covers where Customer Relationships fits with other blocks of the business model canvas, different types of target … Read more

Supporting Channels in the Business Model Canvas

Choosing Channels is the third block in the business model canvas. This post examines what Channels are, why they are important to the business model, and strategic and project management impacts. Understanding Channels in the Business Model Canvas Channels sits on the Value Creation side of the Business Model Canvas. It is preceded by the … Read more