Customer Segments of the Business Model Canvas

The Customer Segments component of the business model canvas is the first component. It drives choices made in all the other components, and thus drives choice of a business model. This post explores Customer segments, how it fits into the business model canvas, and how this strategic choice also drives projects. Perspective on Customer Segments … Read more

Value Proposition of the Business Model Canvas – A PM View

Developing a solid Value Proposition that leads to success is critical and not easy. And it applies to projects and programs as well as to organizations. This post takes a deep look at the Value Proposition component – one of nine components of the Business Model Canvas. Overview of Value Proposition of the Business Model … Read more

Time Based Competition (TBC): A Strategic PM’s Perspective

Time Based Competition (TBC) is classic Boston Consulting Group (BCG) thinking that has evolved into a new relevance today. TBC 2.0 provides a whole new basis for achieving competitive advantage. This post looks at Time as a strategic element and how it has evolved into a critical consideration in strategy and project management. Time as … Read more

Key Activities of the Business Model Canvas – A Deeper Dive

Organizations are defined by what they actually do. As part of the Business Model Canvas, Key Activities capture what people spend their time day to day in execution of the Business Model. This post identifies many examples of Key Activities in a wide variety of different types of organizations. The purpose is to help clarify … Read more

Business Model Canvas Explanation for Strategic PM’s

A Business Model is an important input to organizational success.  So how can you easily develop a good Business Model? This post examines the Business Model Canvas, a simple tool that provides a template for building an effective Business Model. What Is a Business Model Canvas? The Business Model Canvas encompasses the framework of what … Read more

What Is a Business Model Innovation Capability?

Every organization – whether for profit, government, or not-for-profit – needs a viable Business Model. This ensures relevance to the customer, and sustainability as an ongoing enterprise. Today, it is often imperative to be capable of innovating Business Models – to change and reconfigure value chains.  This post provides a framework – far beyond just … Read more

Using Hassle Maps for Strategy and Project Management

Hassle Maps are a great strategic tool for managing and optimizing relationships customers and stakeholders. They have helped to transform businesses, especially when confronted with change, and have the potential to transform organizations and customer relationships of all types. This post examines what Hassle Maps are, their usefulness, examples, and the application of Hassle Maps … Read more

What Are Value Based Metrics For Project Management?

The primary objective of project initiatives is the produce Value. However, many of our models for thinking are based on Cost. This post explores how Cost and Value are related – and how they are unrelated. This is not about Planned Value, Earned Value, and Actual Cost! It explores both Cost-based and Value-based thinking and … Read more