The Impact of the Hierarchy of Powers on PM and Strategy

How can organizations follow a dual strategy when business is going well but change is inevitable? Keep the existing business going…but use the Hierarchy of Powers to implement a parallel strategy to position for success in a new future. Learn what the Hierarchy of Powers is, and how it can be leveraged to build a … Read more

Strategic PM’s, Master the Three C’s For Career Advancement

This post looks at the three C’s – Competence, Compatibility, and Commitment. The three C’s are critical elements of the employee-employer relationship. We explore what they are, how they relate to one another, and what they mean for employees and employers alike. Finally, we think about the strategic and project management implications of the three … Read more

Return On Investment Vs Lean Agile Metrics for Strategic PMs

There are well-established ways to evaluate investments – and potential projects – for an organization. However, the speed of change has made these methods less reliable – and ushered in a more lean-agile approach to metrics. This post examines the difference between ROI and Lean-Agile metrics, It identifies the key metrics of each, and the … Read more

Value Innovation Strategy For Strategic Project Managers

This post dives into the profitable concept and practice of Value Innovation. It defines it, compares and contrasts it from similar approaches, and then looks at the impact of leveraging Value Innovation in the practice of strategy and project management – developing a Value Innovation Strategy. What Is a Value Innovation Strategy? “Value innovation” is … Read more

Benefits Of The Strategy Canvas Tool For Strategic PM’s

This post explains what the Strategy Canvas tool is, and how to create a basic Strategy Canvas. It then walks through several examples – generically and for two real companies. Finally, it details the use and benefits of the tool for practicing strategy and project management. What is the Strategy Canvas Tool? The Strategy Canvas … Read more

The Four Actions Framework – For Strategic Project Managers

This post reviews the Four Actions Framework, first providing a simple definition and describing what makes it different and appealing. Then it provides three examples each of public sector and private companies and how they have each uniquely applied the framework. Then it looks at how the framework can be applied in devising strategy, and … Read more

The Buyer Value Equation, Strategy, & Project Management

This post introduces the Buyer Value Equation – a simple concept that is challenging in practice but a powerful and focusing. It then digs deeper into the two components of the framework: Benefits and Cost. For clarity, it discusses the pros and cons of the framework. Finally, it looks at the impact and application of … Read more

VRIO Framework Analysis For The Strategic Project Manager

This post provides an overview of the VRIO analysis framework, a very useful framework today for both strategists and PM’s. It then does a deep dive into each component of the framework, with examples. The post then provides specific areas where the framework can be most effectively applied as part of a strategic analysis. Finally, … Read more

Project Management Software Comparison: A Strategic View

This post takes a strategic view of the project management software landscape. First, it identifies a dozen key features of PM software. Then it compares functionality across those key features for 10 popular PM software vendors. Next it identifies strategic implications by citing 5 strategy frameworks that can be helpful. Finally it identifies project management … Read more