Building a Better Performance Review Process Template

The annual performance review is somewhat of an institution in the corporate world, public and not-for-profit organizations, and smaller companies. But it is changing – and project management stands to be a driver in the change. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, annual review mode of doing business has grown tired and outmoded … Read more

Objectives and Key Results: Leverage OKR Best Practices

Tracking results makes sense on any project, or any endeavor. There are many frameworks that can help you track results – and people have been tracking results long before the existence of these frameworks! So why would you need a tracking framework, what makes one special or unique over another, and how would you go … Read more

Apply Customer Experience Management Models to Your Projects

I am a believer in extracting best practices, wherever we can find them, and incorporating them into my own challenges. As a project manager, you have customers on your projects. Some of your projects may actually be to support customer experience (CX) – many digital strategy projects are. This post provides some background that may … Read more

What Are the Benefits of a Balanced Scorecard for a Project Manager?

The Balanced Scorecard is an interesting approach that, at the time or its origination, called to the attention of managers that there was more to measuring performance than just financial results. One of the originators, Dr. Robert Kaplan, was the Dean of the business school are Carnegie Mellon when I attended, and he was an … Read more

Build a Strategic Team for Your Project

This article explores a strategic team building approach. It first takes into consideration the needs of the project specifically, but also the greater organizational needs. It can apply to organizations that primarily do internal projects, or to ones that do projects as a business. To build a strategic team to staff a project, there are … Read more