What Are Value Based Metrics For Project Management?

The primary objective of project initiatives is the produce Value. However, many of our models for thinking are based on Cost. This post explores how Cost and Value are related – and how they are unrelated. This is not about Planned Value, Earned Value, and Actual Cost! It explores both Cost-based and Value-based thinking and … Read more

Strategy, PM, and the Diffusion Innovation Theory Model

Innovation and new ideas are great – but how do you get the word out? This is a challenge, especially for implementing innovation strategies. This post examines a widely held theory about how innovations are absorbed and accepted by people, and the implications for implementing strategy. Diffusion Innovation Theory Model Diffusion of innovation theory is … Read more

The Engagement Triple Constraint of a Project

While scope, cost, and time are always a concern in project management, success with them does not by itself mean project success. Fulfilling the project’s purpose gets you a lot closer…but that’s high level. Implementing a successful project requires tradeoffs – in external areas that require external help. What Is the Engagement Triple Constraint? The … Read more

The Benefits Triple Constraint of a Project

Most project managers are familiar with the Triple Constraint, or Iron Triangle. It focuses inwardly on the project constraints of Scope, Time, and Cost. But what about an ‘outward’ focus – one focused more on strategic elements that also define whether the project is a success or not? This post examines an outwardly focused set … Read more

Strategy, PM, and the Triple Constraint of a Project

The Triple Constraint, or Iron Triangle, is a great tool for implementation. It applies well in practice especially to project management – but also is useful in the practice of strategy. While it originated in project management lexicon, it has strong applicability in the two-way dialog between strategists and project managers. What Is the Triple … Read more

What Is a Turnaround Strategy? Tough Times, Tough Projects.

You can manage projects in some tough environments – and one of the toughest is a turnaround environment. This post asks what is a turnaround strategy, outlines structured approaches to turnarounds, and reviews implementing through a focused and well-structured portfolio of programs and projects. What Is a Turnaround Strategy? Turnarounds are needed when an organization … Read more

Strategy, PM, and the Low Code No Code Opportunity

“Low code no code” refers to digitization through more efficient means – through “citizen development”. It is a growing trend that shows potential for growing and evolving over the next decade and beyond. This article explores some things that are happening in this growth area, why it exists, and implications for strategy and project management. … Read more

Logic Tree Diagrams for Strategy and Project Management

Problems can sometimes be exceedingly messy, things can get painfully complicated, and communication across stakeholders can seem almost impossible. Logic tree diagrams can be a practical, invaluable, and deceivingly easy tool to help in these situations! This post explores what logic tree diagrams are, the various types of diagrams, and where they can be useful … Read more

A Simple Prioritization Matrix for Strategy and Projects

This post lays out a simple way to identify the highest priority – or highest value – solutions to problems. It then extends that simple model from prioritizing solutions to prioritizing strategies and projects. The best tools are usually the simplest, and that is the case with this simple prioritization matrix! A Simple Prioritization Matrix … Read more

The BCG Growth Share Matrix Diagram for Strategy & Projects

The BCG Growth Share Matrix is a simple but powerful conceptual framework for businesses, large and small. It is still very much applicable today, and well worth mastering for strategic portfolio managers, project portfolio managers, program managers, and project managers. This post provides an introduction to the BCG Growth Share Matrix Diagram, digs into the … Read more