Organizational Change Process Steps and Your Projects

When starting a new project, or new to a role in the organization, you are part of a change. So how can you add more certainty in this change that you are part of? This post explores a change process that can help, regardless of your role. It looks at the various organization situations, how … Read more

Anticipate Conversations: Your Stakeholder Management Map

Stakeholder management is an important topic for project managers executives alike. This post identifies several ways handling stakeholder relationships. It emphasizes an “introspective” approach, with up-front planning for engagement with various levels of stakeholders throughout an initiative’s life cycle. It also looks at stakeholder management from the point of view of the strategy and project … Read more

French and Raven’s Sources of Power for Strategic PM’s

There are two types of power that professionals can have: positional and personal. French and Raven have outlined 6 sources of power that can provide you with positional power, personal power, or a combination. This post examines those sources of power and how to tap into them to enhance your effectiveness as a strategic project … Read more