Strategy, PM, W. Edwards Deming and the PDCA Cycle

The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle, developed by W. Edwards Deming, provides a simple and effective means to create a virtuous cycle in an organization. It can help you to structure initiatives to solve problems and seize opportunities. This post looks at what the PDCA cycle is, dives into the specifics of the four steps, looks at … Read more

Strategic PM and the William Bridges Transitions Model

Among many models of the change process, none embrace the process of Transition like the William Bridges Transition Model. This post explores the nuances of the Bridges Transition Model, dives into the uniqueness of each piece, and identifies at how strategists and project managers can leverage it. What Is the William Bridges Transitions Model? The … Read more

Strategic PM and the Kurt Lewin Change Management Model

Kurt Lewin’s Change Management Model is known for its simplicity. It breaks an organizational change process down into three basic steps. This post examines the details of the three steps, offers come comparisons with other change models and frameworks, looks at strengths and weaknesses of the Lewin approach, and identifies insights for application by strategists … Read more

Managing Change Using the Kubler-Ross Change Model

The Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Change Curve has come to be widely accepted as a model for the stages of change. It provides a useful perspective that is helpful in identifying where people are on their change journey. This post explains the Kubler-Ross Change Model, explores its foundation, identifies strengths of the model, and identifies how strategists … Read more

The John Kotter Change Management Model for Strategic PM’s

John Kotter’s 8 step Change Management Model is a strong framework that has been used to implement change in many organizations. This post examines the model, its advantages and disadvantages, and its value to strategists and project managers. What Is the John Kotter Change Management Model? John Kotter, a change management expert and Harvard Business … Read more

A Strategic PM’s Guide to the Satir Model for Change

The Satir Model for Change provides a very personalized approach to the stages that we as individuals, teams, and even organizations pass through during times of change.  This post examines what the Satir Change Model is, how it is an important consideration for strategy, and how project managers can leverage it to provide leadership. What … Read more

Strategic PM and the ADKAR Model of Individual Change

Change initiatives face many hurdles at both the strategic level and project level. There are many frameworks and methods to help implement change successfully. This post examines one method – the ADKAR Method – for implementing change. The ADKAR Method is focused on the individual. The post explores details of the ADKAR Method, advantages and … Read more

PM, Strategy, & Cost Structure in the Business Model Canvas

Cost Structure is the final component step to completing the business model canvas. This post provides an overview of the importance of Cost Structure as a canvas component, gives guidance on how to approach identifying the Cost Structure for a business, looks at different types of Cost Structures, and looks at the implications of Cost … Read more

Business Model Canvas Key Partners for Strategic PM’s

Identifying Key Partners that fit into a business model can be an effective way to fill operational gaps. This post explores how Key Partners fit into the business model canvas, strategic considerations for partnering, and aspects of partnering that present challenges and opportunities on projects. Does an Organization Need Partnerships? ‘Partners’ occupies a clear and … Read more

PM, Strategy, and Key Resources – Business Model Canvas

Key Resources encompass people as well as other important assets that are needed in order to execute a business model. As with managing projects, without Key Resources, nothing will happen! This post provides an overview of the Key Resources block on the business model canvas, provides related considerations for organizational strategy, and outlines the impact … Read more